1 Month — $625.00  (Plus 2.2% tax)
2 Month — $1,250.00 (Plus 2.2% tax)
3 Month — $1,875.00 (Plus 2.2% tax)
4 Month — $2,300.00 (Plus 2.2% tax)
5 Month — $2,875.00 (Plus 2.2% tax)
179 Days — $3,120.00 (Plus 2.2% tax)
Annual — $3,370.00 (Plus 2.2% tax)
Premium Sites………..See Office for Rates

Rental rates are based on occupancy of no more than two persons per site. Additional adults occupying the site are charged $3/day, $15/week, or $40/month; whichever is appropriate (consult office for child guest policy). Annual rates are billed monthly for actual electricity used.

RVs that are here 6 months or less will be charged $100.00 a month for the utilities.

Electricity for Annual Residents will be billed each month at the SRP single Family Rate. The current SRP Single Family Residential Rate has been separately posted in the Office. If the rate changes during the term of the Rental Agreement, the change will automatically be reflected in the billing

RESERVATIONS: A deposit of $450 plus tax is required to reserve an RV site through the 2018-19 Season. Premium site rent varies according to space. Check with the Office for details.

Rates are effective August 1, 2019. Rates are subject to change without notice on any reservations less than 179 days.

Making your Reservation:

All reservations are to be pre-paid by credit card.

Rates & Policies subject to change without notice.